Woman Explains Why Some Dating ‘Red Flags’ Are Actually Totally Healthy

When you’re starting to see someone, there’s a lot of testing going on: testing your compatibility, your attraction levels, and whether or not that person is simply a good human being. We ask our friends for help, we look to the internet, we drive ourselves crazy…

But we also focus on what might be a problem. The red flags.

TikToker Kayla Nichole thinks some dating red flags can be misleading—she says that some can actually be green flags.

@Kayla.mccul / TikTok

Obviously listen to your gut if you feel uneasy around a date, but if it’s not unsafe… maybe try considering an examination from another point of view!

Here’s what Kayla said:

@Kayla.mccul / TikTok

“They don’t text back right away. I want to let you know that this is perfectly normal. Some people don’t like to always be plugged into their technology. They probably have other interests or are simply just waiting to reply when they actually have something substantial to talk about.”

@Kayla.mccul / TikTok

“Number two, sometimes they prefer to hang out with their friends without you. So if somebody chooses to hang out with their friends and not hang out with you because they hang out with you every day, this is OK. It’s healthy.”

“We have to have relationships outside our relationship. And if they’re giving you space for you to hang out with your friends or be alone with them, that’s very healthy.”

@Kayla.mccul / TikTok

“Number three, they are continuing to see other people and they’re upfront with you about that. If you’re in a new relationship and early lockdown syndrome, it’s actually a thing and can kind of kill a relationship. Oh, that person decides to date you exclusively just now that they’ve put a lot of time into that. And I think that’s OK and good. Let me know if I should do a part two.”