Husbands Are Sharing How They Know Their Wives Are Still ‘The One’ And Who’s Cutting Onions?

In a world increasingly filled with distractions, options, and the possibility of “something better,” the idea of a stable, long-term relationship can seem like a pipe dream. How do people commit to one another (and stay committed and in love) for decades when the rest of us have trouble committing to 2 hours to spend on any given Netflix movie?

A recent Reddit thread launched by u/Teruzaki sort of answered this question, asking, “Guys with over a decade of marriage, what’s your ‘Yep, she’s STILL the one’ moment?” and it is honestly giving us hope for the future.


We spend all day making each other laugh.



Every time she walks in the room, even after 20 years my heart skips a beat.



19 years together I’ve been cooking all our meals for about 9 years now. A few weeks ago she tells me she wants to start cooking a dinner a week to help get me out of my rut.

Best Valentines day present I’ve had in a while! It makes me feel supported and gives me a little more time for my other projects.



I’ll be married 26 years this August, the moment is when she gives me that “look”.

The one that says “I’m happy, your happy, were both happy”.

Then we both seem to end up smiling, and maybe even laughing for nothing. It’s probably not the best explanation, bit is the gods honest truth.



Over a decade together but not married. I’ve got terminal cancer and she’s still here.

I love her more every day and it rips me apart that will end sometime too early. We make the most of it and get on with it.



Every single time she laughs. I could be 100ft. away across a crowded room and when she laughs I just crumble.



Every time I have to leave her for an extended period of time I pretty much lose my s—t and turn away so she doesn’t see me crying too much. The heart knows what the heart knows.



After twenty years she still takes ME out to dinner. She’s always interested in my day. She will spontaneously give me a hug for no reason. She sends me funny pictures on my phone.

It’s the little things.



Every Thursday she takes our kid and stays the night at her moms, originally it was so her mom could see our kid, but now she just does it because she knows I like having the house to myself.



She has supported me through several ruts — through starting a business, dissolving a business, and through several pointless jobs. But she still believes that I can accomplish anything, and has more enthusiasm about my dreams than even I do.



27 years later I still get excited when she comes home from work or where ever. 27 years later we still make each other roll with laughter. I just love it when I see her laughing her head off with tears rolling down her cheeks.

We are in this together, through the highs and the lows. It is us, a damn good team, against the rest of it and she does not take prisoners. I love her unconditionally and she me.



Moments like what happened yesterday. Over the phone I mentioned I wanted pastries from a bakery we haven’t spoken about or mentioned in months, and she has already stopped and picked up a box not ten minutes prior.



When I told her that I was thinking about going on a diet, she jumped in headfirst with me.



I’ve been in a funk lately because work is more stressful than usual. Well, last night when I tried to initiate sex, my wife pulled away and said, ‘Nope — if you want me tonight, you have to earn it.’ Cue the wrestling and giggling, and eventually the really good sex. And I’ll be damned if that wasn’t exactly what I needed to put me in a better mood.”



11 years and quite frankly it’s most days, not big events but all the little things. I literally couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s not just the one, she is the only possible one, irreplaceable.



Where to start? She really wants kids. My plumbing is 95% clogged. She’s still here.

After my last surgery (of many), I was really bummed and feeling useless. She booked a week in Vegas including Golden Knights, Wrestling and UNLV tickets.

Six weeks after we started dating, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. She never left my side. She drove me to doctors. She held me when the radiation made me non-stop puke. She chased down doctors when the nurses weren’t giving her straight answers after my second surgery.



I still feel like a giddy schoolboy when I make her laugh, and at least once a day I just sit and think about how much better she makes my existence.



I flew to work and couldn’t sleep, in the morning I ask how she slept, she said she kept waking up when she couldn’t find me.



We were headed out on a date. My wife was coming down the stairs on a pair of leather bottom flats and she slipped and fell all the way to the bottom and instead of getting up right away she acts like she was trying get a quick workout in. She reaches back to the step behind her and does a few trisep presses 😂 definitely the one



I woke up about 3 am this morning as our daughter was crying. She’s a baby that’s fine. Me and the wife were holding hands in our sleep. I don’t know how often we do it but it happens from time to time.



11 years together, when we both think of the same stupid joke at the same time



Touching. We hold hands all the time when we’re walking. Whenever I pass behind her my hand brushes against her rear and she smiles. Whenever we are facing each other, there’s always a hug involved. Two years dating, two years engaged and 31 years married. Still happy.



I was demoted from a very high-paying, high-pressure job that I had devoted my entire working life to. My whole identity and sense of self-worth was wrapped up in that job, and I was petrified at what her response was going to be when I told her. But when I did, my wife — who I had never heard swear a single time — said, ‘F—ing quit.’ It was at that moment I knew everything was going to be just fine for the rest of my life.



I was having a bad day the other day and she grabbed me by the head and put my head in her lap and petted my hair.



I lost my job, and as we were going over our finances for the coming months I said “we will run out of money in 3 months”, she looked me in the eyes and replied “ There’s always money in the banana stand.”



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