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Divorce Lawyers Share The “Most Outrageous” Reasons People Have Asked For A Divorce (15 Posts)


“He didn’t file, but he said he videod his step-daughter in the shower for the sole purpose of forcing his wife to leave him.” — bodgeland


“I remember seeing a thing where a man won the lottery, and his wife filed divorce so she could get the proceedings of the lottery as part of the divorce. The judge confirmed the divorce and either he kept all the money or she had to pay him.” — Classy_Maggot


“Not me, but my friend’s a lawyer. She wanted a divorce because he stole a fry. Not fucking joking. It was hilarious to hear about.” — ThatMustveHurt


“I remember seeing an episode of Divorce Court where the the lady was upset because her husband cooked too much and he was ‘too nice.'” — Klaudiapotter


“My father divorced a woman who made his sandwich wrong. Well, she made it with an end piece. So he divorced her. He married 7 times, never to my mother lmao.” — witchywomanwondersss 

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