Guy Asks If He’s The A-Hole For Refusing To Sleep In The Same Bed As His GF After She Wet The Bed

Relationships are hard work, and often take a lot of maturity on the part of both parties to get through disagreements and adversity. And then there’s Reddit’s infamous r/AITA (Am I The A—hole) subreddit, which highlights some of the absolute worst in human behavior, including many people who—let’s face it—should or will die alone.

The latest brings us to a man who posed the question: “[Am I the a—hole] for refusing to sleep in the same bed as my girlfriend after she wet the bed?”

In the post, written by a throwaway user name for perfectly obvious reasons, the OP compassionately prefaces his post by stating that, no, he’s not dating a five-year-old—and things only went downhill from there.

He goes on to explain that about a week prior, his 20-year-old girlfriend (OP did not disclose his age, but we would have to guess in his early 20s as well) wet the bed one night, and he has not been able to sleep with her since.

“After the incident, she cried and was very embarrassed and I told her that it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t change my opinion on her,” he continued. “That night I told her that I was sleeping on the couch and she was hurt but understanding.”

“But now she’s claiming that it’s been a week and that I should sleep with her but I’m still feel not comfortable with sleeping with her. She says me not sleeping with her is making her insecure even though I’ve reassured her that I still love her.”

We can’t imagine why she would think that!

“I was just wondering [am I the a—hole] but also is it healthy for her to wet the bed?” he asked, adding that it was the first time in their nine-month relationship that his girlfriend had wet the bed.

Aita for refusing to sleep in the same bed as my girlfriend after she wet the bed
by u/throwaway13345569876 in AmItheAsshole

Predictably and reliably, the a-hole detectors of Reddit jumped in to inform OP that yes, he is indeed the a—hole.

“You’re not ready for a real relationship,” wrote one user. “You’re going to see a lot of bodily fluids through your years with someone. Vomit, piss, sh—t, her period, a whole human baby might bust out of her vagina at some point in life. If you can’t handle an ACCIDENT – don’t have a serious relationship.”

“It also might be a sign of something medically wrong going on,” added another. “Seizures sometimes are accompanied by loss of bladder. Try a bit of empathy instead of pushing her away.”

“My husband sh—t the bed once during a stomach illness,” revealed one woman. “I just laughed and washed the sheets. You are spot on. He’s also seen three children burst from my vagina so I think we are pretty even as far as bodily fluids go.”

“I had major knee surgery seven years ago,” revealed yet another user. “I couldn’t put any weight on my leg for a week while my incision closed up so I needed help to get on the potty chair and my husband had to wipe me. And I peed on the bed once because I didn’t call him into the bedroom to get me to the chair in time. I was more embarrassed about that than the rest, FFS.”

“Humans are gross. A relationship means you see the grossness up close.”

While OP was getting schooled online, apparently his home situation was only getting worse. Fed up with her immature boyfriend, now OP’s girlfriend no longer wanted to share a bed with him—or even speak to him, for that matter.

“I’ve realized I was in the wrong but my girlfriend says she doesn’t want to share the bed with me now, which I understand, what can I do now to make the situation better,” he added in subsequent edits.

“She’s ignoring me saying she doesn’t want to talk to me. I would say she’s being immature but you guys would kill me in the comment section.”

Well, that may be the first thing the guy has gotten right so far. Hate to see it.

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