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Woman Finds Out Her ‘Guardian Angel’ Tattoo Looks, Uh, Slightly Inappropriate

This viral TikTok is sort of like that famous image that looks like a vase from one perspective, but if you look long enough, you can see it’s actually two people in profile.

You know, this one:

Well, this viral TikTok is about a drawing that looks like one thing until someone points out what else it looks like—and it’s tattooed on the back of TikToker Bekah Milly forever.


Milly’s tattoo is pretty huge and across most of her upper back. As far as I can tell, the image is supposed to be of a woman holding an invisible person.

Unfortunately, as the words across the TikTok say, it also kind of looks like a lady tossing salad.

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“When someone says your new tattoo looks like someone eating a$$,” reads her caption:


Um. No…not at all….JK, it totally does and you can see in her face how she feels about it:

Pretty brutal stuff:

The issue is the tattoo artist gave the invisible figure a tiny bit of outline right where their “heads” meet, so it resembles the crack of a butt. Weird aesthetic choice, unless they were setting Milly up for this.

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A lot of people were not sure what else they were supposed to be seeing here:

But some had suggestions for how she could fix the picture so it could only be seen as a figure:

The top of a figure. Not the bottom.

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