Bride Disinvites Friend Because Her Recent Stillbirth Might “Take Attention” From The Wedding

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring out the absolute worst in the people you were planning to share a special moment with. Some of the weird, rude, or crappy stuff people do around their wedding day can be excused and forgiven. It’s stressful, expensive, and brings up a lot of feelings.

And some things absolutely cannot be, like this story shared to the r/bridezillas sub on Reddit. The story is told in screenshots of a text conversation. The grey is the bride, and the blue is one of her friends, supposedly. She sure doesn’t treat her like one.

Image via Shutterstock, NOT ACTUAL BRIDE

The conversation was originally posted to Facebook by a woman who said she recently had a stillbirth. The bride texts to check in, but not because she’s worried about her friend. She’s worried about her stealing attention with her grief.

Warning: Obviously the following story is a bit of a bummer, so we just want you to know there’s a big old list of today’s funniest pictures here, in case you decided you don’t want to keep reading. Also, if this particular issue is something you’ve struggled with in the past, we highly recommend the Reddit support group BabyBumps.

She disinvites her friend to the wedding because of it:


She starts by asking if the guest was still planning on coming. Before getting an answer, the Bride suggests she shouldn’t because she’s not “over what happened by now.”

As proof, she reminds the bereaved of how she cried when she saw a woman with a baby recently, and says it was “overdramatic.”

She also says the guest should announce the loss of her baby on Facebook, even though she isn’t ready for everyone to know, so no one will ask about it at the wedding…if she is coming.


The guest responds, “Uh. Okay, I need a minute to process what the **** you just said to me.”


The bride answers, “Don’t take it the wrong way,” then says the guest knows she’s right and that she just needs “to move on.”

“I want my wedding to be about me,” she continues. “I don’t want it ruined by you, no offense. You’d do the same.” I don’t think “no offense” means what she thinks it means.


“So let me get this straight,” the guest clarifies. “You don’t want me at your wedding because the fact that my baby f***ing died might ruin your day.” Yup. 

The guest ends by saying, “You know what… you enjoy your wedding without me. I hope our friendship is worth all the attention you so desperately need you giant trash pile of a human.”

The bride isn’t satisfied with getting what she wants and says a few more mean things on the way out of the friendship, texting, “It been two months now, how much time do you really need? It’s not like you knew her.”

The guest answers that she is happy to have found out what kind of “friend” the bride was. She tells the bride she’ll see the groom at the “divorce party.”

The bride later took to FB to discuss with some of her friends:

As you can imagine, people are responding with both support and anger at the bridezilla:

Warranted. In fact, posting this on Facebook right before the bride’s wedding is the minimum. It going viral is the icing on the cake.

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