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20 Of The Most Awkward Texts People Have Accidentally Sent Their Bosses

We have all been in this position before. You type in your friend’s name to text her, but your friend is “Kara” and your boss is “Karen.” So you end up texting Karen about your sloppy night out at the club or your gross bodily functions, and your working relationship is never the same again.

Sometimes, you end up sending your boss a text message that you would never normally send them, except today, you are full of adrenalin and rage and you need Toby to know just how much you don’t appreciate his tone or how he treats you. Will that text get you fired? Maybe. Do you care at all right now? Nope. Not one bit. You don’t even like that job anyway.

Maybe you are so fed up with work that you just have to complain about your boss, but instead of texting your coworker who feels the same way you do, you end up telling your boss Dale just how much you think he sucks as a person. We have all done that before. Believe me, I know the feeling of when you hit send and then immediately realize it went to the wrong person. Your heart stops in your chest. All the breath leaves your body as you realize what you have done. They really need to invent some sort of “take backsies” function on phones, am I right? 

Whatever the reason is that you texted your boss something that you probably should not have texted them, we get it.

We are here for you. And we have 20 examples of people who did the exact same thing.

These cringy, weird, and funny boss texts that were sent by mistake (or, in some cases, on purpose!) will no doubt make you feel better about your own boss-text blunders. 

1. This text that was definitely meant for her husband:


2. This drunk text:


3. And this hilariously ugly selfie:


4. This very honest admission:


5. This flirty cat pic:


6. This sassy time off miscommunication:


7. And this love note, which was definitely not meant for her boss:


8. This wrong person text:


9. This shirtless selfie text:


10. This text she never would have sent if she’d saved the number: