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Here They Are, The Funniest Text Messages Of The Last 10 Years (71 Texts)

A decade is a long, long time—and longer on the Internet than in real life. In just eight years, Internet users have grown by 82%—almost 1.7 billion people. The video app Vine was born and died. Snapchat launched. Facebook bought Instagram. And nearly all the iPhones were released, with the first generation dropping in 2007. 

And with that first iPhone came iMessage. And with iMessage came unlimited texting (millennials and older generations will remember a time when we had to pay per text(!!!)). And with unlimited texting came…funny texts. Here are the funniest texts of the 2010s.

1. Where buy avacoda?

2. Wonder where Jared worms boy is these days?

3. That’s some typo.

4. Don’t give away mom’s secret.

5. Did he pass English?

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6. Silly potato grammy.

7. Any more questions?

8. Just one more time, dad.

9. Yeah, so?


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10. Caught red-handed. 

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