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“Nice Guy” Gets, Uh, Pretty Upset When He Realizes He’s Gotten Yet Another Fake Number

Everyone has met a “nice guy” before. They’re the ones who say they really respect and treat women well—up until the moment a woman says no to them in any way shape or form. In response to this scourge, people have figured out all sorts of ways to deflect and protect themselves. One of those ways is to give them a fake number.

Some people try to get around that by calling you right in front of your face or making you repeat it to see if you remember your made-up digits. People who do that are bad, which is why they’re getting fake digits in the first place.

This might be one of the most perfect examples of a creep who is in denial about being a creep, as captured by Ebaumsworld. A guy named Keegan texts someone a cheerful, “Good morning” to another person who doesn’t know who they are.

“It’s Keegan? From last night,” he tries to remind them. He’s looking for a woman named Sandra who he thought he had fun with the night before. But Sandra didn’t have fun, and she gave him a fake number.

That’s when Keegan reveals this is a theme in his life. He writes, “I can’t believe this happened again…..”

The person who is not Sandra messes with Keegan for a while, at one point pretending it really is Sandra, but that she was “testing” Keegan. He does a complete 180 and apologizes for using some profane words referring to female anatomy. 

“SIKE this still isn’t Sandra,” the receiver replies.

“F—K YOU,” says Keegan. It is almost mean, except this dude has clearly been creeping out women all over the place. Nice Guys do finish last, because everyone knows to avoid people who announce how nice they are instead of being, you know, actually nice. Good escape, Sandra.

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