Wrong number texts

Messages That Wouldn’t Be Funny If They Were Sent To The Right Person (24 Wrong Number Texts)

There are a number of downsides to owning a cell phone. It can be hard to disconnect and relax when you have the entire internet in your pocket at all times. Constant scrolling might be having a negative effect on your mental health. But little compares to the horrors of knowing that at any time, a complete stranger could dial the wrong number and end up in your text messages.

Except for the fact that you yourself could accidentally send a text to the wrong person.

Thanks to the screenshot function, however, victims of these unfortunate incidents can quickly capture and share them with the world, because nothing eases the pain of a wrong-number text like making other people hurt on your behalf.

Here are just a few unlucky individuals who chose to share their suffering with the world:

1. The woman who just wanted some cheap lingerie:


2. This white blonde not-a-dude:

3. The guy who has a f***ing job, Jenna.


4. The girl who had neither a birthday nor testicles:

5. The unluckiest Harry Styles fan:

6. The cousin who loved cheese:

7. The neglected prisoner:

8. The kid who is too young to own a cell phone:

9. The woman who does not be saling sneakers:

10. The Power Rangers fan:

11. No no, he’s got a point:

12. The buckaroo:

13. The unfortunate manager:

14. The anti-keto texter:

15. Raj, the karaoke-loving smoocher: