TikToker Goes Viral For Flirting With Women’s Boyfriends To See If They’ll Cheat

Are you in a relationship with someone you don’t trust and prefer to avoid communicating or going to therapy to talk about your problems? Would you like to instead enlist the help of a stranger on the Internet to find out if your significant other is going to flirt or potentially cheat?

Chesa, who goes by chesathebrat on TikTok, offers a service on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram designed to catch potential cheaters and flirts.    

Just send her a request and she will DM the person you don’t trust and don’t want to talk to about that lack of trust. If the “target” responds, she will then send those messages back to you and you can confront your significant other and throw some dishes around.

Chesa recently went viral for the videos she shares of the process. In one of her most popular videos, Chesa describes the relationship she will be testing. According to Chesa, a woman who was days away from being induced and giving birth reached out to her. The woman explained that the father of the child had been distant since the beginning of the pregnancy, and she wanted Chesa to test his faithfulness. Specifically, would he miss the induction appointment to meet up with another girl? 

Chesa initiated conversation with the boyfriend and asked if he was single. The soon-t0-be father said no. 

“This is where I thought he was going to say ‘I have a wife,'” Chesa said. But he didn’t. And he eventually agreed to meet up with her. 

Chesa specifically asked if he was available at 1pm the next day—the same time his child was allegedly set to be born. He didn’t agree to skip the appointment, but he said that he was free afterward. 

“Yeah okay that’s fine,” he wrote. “At 1 I just have some bullsh*t to take care of then after that I’m free. What’s your number?” 

Okay, so that guy sucks. And there are many others if you check out Chesa’s TikTok account. 


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Chesa does not appear to charge for her services, so if you would rather trap your significant other in a lie instead of sitting down and having a talk, go for it! 

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