‘What Did I Do To Deserve This’: Watch A Pregnant Woman Pump Gas While Her Husband Sits In The Car

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for baby daddies on social media. There’s this peach of a man who filed for divorce because his wife was breastfeeding their newborn son. And this other boneheaded hubby who decided to “surprise” his pregnant girlfriend with a rundown house she hates. While this latest crime against married life isn’t as flagrant as the other two, it’s the little things that get us down — and signal a much larger problem in a relationship.

TikTok user Jordan Downard (@jordananntaylor), who claimed to be 9 months pregnant at the time, shared a video of herself pumping gas while her husband sat in the car.

A video of a pregnant woman pumping gas while her husband sits in the car has gone viral

The clip shows Downard filling the gas tank and paying before panning the camera to the passenger side window. Inside the car, her oblivious husband is fully absorbed in his phone.


What did i do to deserve this #fyp

♬ End of beginning by djo – Toria

“POV you’re 9 months pregnant pumping your own gas while your husband waits in the car,” she wrote in a text overlay of the video.

She added in the caption: “What did I do to deserve this.”

People called out the man for his wildly inconsiderate behavior

The comment section was flooded with people who condemned the man for paying so little attention to his very pregnant wife.

“And on his phone 😭😭 absolutely nottt,” said one user. Another added: “Girl sit in the car and just stare at him until he gets out 😂”

One commenter pointed out that her pumping gas wasn’t the only offense in the video: “And you’re the one driving?😳😭”

Other people saw the glaring red flag as grounds for divorce, with one saying, “Your ex did what!?”

Still, some users blamed Downard for tolerating his behavior and encouraged her to put her foot down.

“I’d like to tell you to leave him,” one use wrote, “but you’re going to tell me how he’s actually great and I don’t know him so I’ll just go with ‘you deserve what you tolerate.'”

“If he’s not pumping gas he’s not pumping me”

Dumb Bitch Capital, LLC reposted the video on Twitter, where more people weighed in on the situation.

Most criticized the husband for being lazy. Though some speculated that he offered to pump the gas, Downard said she’d take care of it, and then she got mad at him when he didn’t insist (which sounds like projection to me but go off I guess). 


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