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A TikTok Comedian Read Her 2020 Goal List And It’s Seriously Dark Humor

Not everyone is experiencing the pandemic the same way, of course, but there are certain universal aspects of it. For instance, many if not all of us had plans for 2020 that absolutely got ruined by the coronavirus. Whether those plans were big or small, they are almost definitely canceled. That is why this TikTok made by comedian Robyn Schall has gonna so mega-viral: it’s completely relatable to everyone.

Schall posted the short video and it seems like it’s kind of off the cuff. She looks like she’s in her jammies, or at least her indoor clothes (are there any other kind?), and she’s pouring herself a big glass of rosé when it all starts.

“Excuse my looks,” she says. “I’m just, you know, in the middle of hitting rock bottom.”

She then takes out her notebook, in which she apparently wrote some resolutions for 2020.

“I found my goal list that I made in December. My goals for 2020,” she explains to the camera, starting to laugh. “Okay, tell me if this is not hilarious.”

“Alright. Goal one: Make more money,” she says. “I, you know, have been unemployed since March. Travel more. Lose weight. Be more social. I wrote ‘cry less’! I’ve cried every single day of this whole pandemic!” 

But it gets even darker. She breaks down laughing for a moment before revealing the worst part.

“It’s not funny,” she says, unable to stop laughing, “But I wrote, ‘Spend more time with my grandma,’ and she died.” YIKES!!! But also relatable, I am sorry to say from personal experience. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Schall said both of her grandmothers died this year, one from heart failure and the other from complications related to COVID-19.

“It was stinky that we couldn’t be there with them for the last few months of their lives,” she said. “My grandma died — but everyone on the entire planet, whether they’re dead or alive, has been taken away from you!”

Schall’s video went so viral, and was commented on or shared by some big-name celebrities like Patton Oswalt, Jennifer Garner, Khloe Kardashian, Kristen Bell, and Jennifer Aniston:


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And even got discussed on The View, making all of those ladies laugh:

For her part, Schall is a professional comedian and she is also very glad to have given people something to laugh about during such a dark time.

“The outpouring of people, just regular people who are just in my DMs and the comments opening up and feeling so much better and laughing. Everyone missed laughing. I’m so happy,” she said. “That’s the best part — that millions of people are just laughing a bit more.”

She does say she regrets missing out on meeting these celebs in person during her moment of viral fame. But that’s 2020 for ya!

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