Teen Girl Uses Tip She Learned From Her Cop Dad To Save Her Life

A woman shared her hotel room safety tip on TikTok with a story that hopefully will stick with people who travel alone. Josie Bowers said when she was 15, she was staying at a Hilton with her family when a long wire-like device came under the door.

The device came inside to hook onto the door handle in an effort to open it from the inside. Thinking quickly, she remembered a safety tip her police officer stepfather told her: call out to someone else in the house so the intruder thinks you aren’t home alone. She did and the intruder got spooked and ran. 

She details her experience in the video. You can watch it at the bottom of the page.  

Here’s Josie:

She details her experience in this video: 

People had some pretty harsh replies: 


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