Wanted Man Dances In Front Of His Own Mugshot Taunting Police To “Come And Get Me” (They Did)

Apparently TikTok is now a crimefighting tool, and I’m done being surprised about anything.

According to a Facebook post by the LaGrange Police Department, 21-year-old William Reeves Durga uploaded a video to TikTok of himself dancing in front of a shot of the LaGrange PD’s Facebook post requesting details on his whereabouts.

Durga captioned the video with the phrase “come and get me b****.” 

@lildvrtyyDon’t let this flop😭😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##greenscreen

♬ Then Leave – BeatKing

Durga was wanted in connection to cocaine purchases “in reference to the ongoing investigation with George Bureau of Investigation West Metro Drug Office and the LaGrange Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit.” 

In an interview with LaGrange News, Durga said he did not want to turn himself in. 

“It is so nasty and full of coronavirus,” Durga said in a message via TikTok to the news organization. “They haven’t been doing the necessary things to keep it contained. It’s beyond overcrowded, nobody gets a court date, it’s just wrong how the inmates are treated. I haven’t been running, they never came to my house or anything. They straight blasted me on social media, so I did it back.” 

In the days since Durga’s video was posted, it’s received more than 45,000 comments and almost a million likes. However, it also contributed to his being apprehended by the LaGrange PD. 

***UPDATE: Reeves Durga has been arrested. The LPD and the GBI would like to thank the public’s assistance with his…

LaGrange Police paylaştı: 2 Temmuz 2020 Perşembe

“Reeves Durga has been arrested,” the LaGrange PD updated on their Facebook page. “The LPD and the GBI would like to thank the public’s assistance with his apprehension. Without Mr. Durga’s viral TikTok video, we would not have received the amount of tips and information that ultimately led to his arrest, thank you!” 

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