Viral TikTok Points Out Funny Y2K Fashion Trends Everyone Forgot About

There has been a huge resurgence of alleged “Y2K fashion” trends by Gen Zers. The trendiest clothing items to wear are tracksuits, low-rise pants, and other items that were popular in the early 2000s. 

For those of us who were actually there, it’s pretty clear that these fashion trends aren’t exactly accurate to how we dressed in the early 2000s. This clear misrepresentation of our dark fashion past was pointed out by Tiktoker @fashiongirl42069 in a hilarious roast of real Y2K fashion.  

Her funny videos point out the ‘cherry-picking happening’ of trends and she takes time to tease Millennials for their really, really bad fashion choices. 

Her original videos are linked at the end of the article. 

1. “We wore every accessory at the same time”

2. “We wore jeans under skirts and dresses.” 

3. “We walked out of the house like this.”

4. “One of the biggest accessories at the time were these comically large belts we wore for no reason.”

5. “The outfit, no matter what you were wearing, you wore the belt.”

6. “The most suspicious accessory we had was the hats. This outfit is giving Keebler vibes.” 

7. “This was the style in Y2K. We need to stop acting like it was not this.” 

8. “It was better off that we wore hats because this was our hair otherwise. The broken pieces were the focal point of the look. We always had the bump and you couldn’t tell me this wasn’t the most gorgeous hairstyle ever.” 

9. “Women wanted to look like they just got eaten by a shark. ‘I have to get eaten by a shark at 3, but then I need to hit the carpet at 4’.”

10. “It gave Pirates of the Caribbean.” 

11. “The layering was prominent. There was either a tank top under it or a tank top on top of it.”

12. “Can’t forget to mention: Tiny vests. There was a point where girls wanted to look hot but also wanted to look like a magician.” 

13. “Mesh crop top. Bikini top over it. 76 bracelets. Do you understand how long it took to get ready? She has half a sock on one arm.” 

14. “This belt specifically had a grip on us. It was the backbone of our society.” 

15. “Do you understand how iconic it was if they put it as a spaghetti strap on Beyonce? This award isn’t for them, it’s for the belt.” 

16. “Another non-functional accessory was the skinny scarf. The way that the neck was still cold if you were wearing this. It’s a necklace at this point.” 

17. “An honorable mention is this small jacket or sweater with no purpose.”

18. “Lindsey Lohan really held this corset up with suspenders.” 

19. “The one item of clothing I wish would come back is the gaucho pants. These were so comfortable.” 

20. “Hats and visors went every which way but the right way. Men couldn’t figure this out for the life of them.”

“Visors lived their whole lives never blocking the sun from someone’s eyes. sometimes the hats weren’t even connected to the head, they were just sort of resting on your aura.” 

21. “I want to talk to Ed. This was witchcraft. You see it on Brett Michaels and think ‘that’s okay, that’s his thing.'” 

22. “But everyone you could possibly think of had it on. The craziest thing was that it was so expensive. You would go to the mall and spend $200 on the ugliest shit you had ever seen.”

23. “Has anyone apologized to god for this yet? Because he didn’t ask for the rhinestone cross on your buttcheeks.” 

24. “Sometimes you would be at a restaurant and you would look at the table next to you and it looked like this.” 

25. “Italian guys really carried the entire hair gel industry on their backs. LA looks need to cut this guy a check.”

26. “I had to save this for last. There was a tiny when the baby of a dress shoe and a sneaker was born. Why did the toes curl up? These look like remotes.” 

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