Cyclist Who Attacked Kids For Posting Black Lives Matters Signs Gets Arrested, Fired

While people all over the world are protesting the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, some folks are busy ripping paper out of the hands of small children.

Take this Maryland cyclist, who thought it was awful that kids were putting up Black Lives Matter signs in public—and decided that accosting them was the way to get them to stop.

60-year-old Anthony Brennan III of Kensington, MD was arrested and charged with second-degree assault—and fired from his job at Made to Order, Inc. 

The incident took place on the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County. Brennan’s assault on the kids was captured on video by a man who wished to remain anonymous. The clip found its way to social media, where users were shocked at the footage of a grown man behaving aggressively towards children and forcibly grabbing flyers from them. 

In the fervor to find this enraged cyclist, social media users unfortunately identified two wrong men before Brennan was correctly identified. According to a police statement, police served Brennan with an arrest warrant Friday evening, after he had voluntarily turned himself in. 

Made to Order, Inc. released this statement about Brennan’s behavior:

Good. I was so appalled. Such a bully. Not his place to be threatening and aggressive to these kids. They felt strongly about George Floyd and that’s a good thing. Compassion. Empathy. Not bad traits.

In a statement released through his attorneys, Brennan apologized, saying he recognized his “outrageous behavior” was “unacceptable and wrong.”

“I am sick with remorse for the pain and fear I caused the victims on the trail and online,” he said. “I am committed to making amends by addressing, through counseling, the underlying issues that led to my abhorrent behavior.”

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