People Are Sharing All The Things Movies And TV Shows Get Wrong About Their Jobs

21. Childcare

Professional nanny.

In most movies I see nannies are either a) some down-on-their-luck failed artist or college student that gets hired by multi-millionaires for 20 hours per week. Or b) a 10/10 22 year old that seduces the husband.

As a result, no one understands how my job works. In order to work for a wealthy family, you need excellent references and years of experience. You work A LOT, sometimes as part of a team. Being a high end nanny generally pays very well. Also, the whole femme fatale trope is so obnoxious. You spend all day with children, getting covered in spit up and paint and baby food. It’s not sexy at all. —madelinesaid

22. Chef

A chef here and most reality shows that give a contestant 30 minutes to “create” a dish. Not only do customers not realise that those are stop start shows and an episode is filmed over 8-12 hours and edited heavily the reality is that in an actual commercial kitchen we have to work of menus we spend hours before service getting things ready for that menu which is in current use and when you order a meal it is cooked in the order it comes in, if you try to order something you seen on tv last night that Gordon Ramsey slapped up in 15 minutes it isn’t going to happen at your local eatery. Or the fact that your cafe isn’t McDonald’s we can’t make a chicken caesar wrap in 2 minutes just because you have a bus to catch Karen. —christophkristof

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23. Academia

Working with manuscripts. We do not wear gloves. There are rare exceptions if there is a hazardous mould on the manuscript, otherwise, you just need clean hands.

And the fact Bruce Banner has 7 PhDs. Two is a lot, but no advisor or funding body would permit him to do more. He would be in university forever. In the US, PhD programs are between 5-7 years. Let’s say, for fun, he does them in 4 because he is stupid smart. That’s 28 years!! Maybe they assume that he is doing them on very closely related topics…then just do postdoctoral work! —rentingumbrellas

24. Hospitality

Anything with normal hotels. No, we don’t just ask for your name and give you a key. No, we don’t like it when you throw a party in the middle of the night and you will get kicked out if you don’t shut it down. Yes, there are charges for damages to the room. —–pobodysnerfect–

25. Teaching

Every scene where a teacher says, “Now let’s talk about George Washington,” and then the bell rings and the teacher calls to the students’ backs, “Write a two-page essay about the American Revolution by tomorrow!”

A. What did you do for the first 44.5 minutes of class that you’re only starting the lesson as the bell rings?

B. I guarantee you not a single student is completing an assignment you shout at them on the way out the door. —hananobira

askreddit jobs, jobs askreddit

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