People On Reddit Are Sharing The Worst Trends Of The Decade

It’s almost the end of the decade, have you heard? Now is the time for roundups, reflections, and resolutions for the decade ahead. Hopefully, if you think about it and plan very carefully, the future will be better! At least, that’s the dream. So let’s get into all the worst trends of the 2010s, so we can never do it again.

On r/AskReddit, user u/Forwardnoona asked, “Now that the 2010s decade is ending, which trends are the most regrettable?”

Below are some of the most common answers, and also a few that were kind of surprising. Some of the stuff I don’t even really remember, but now that you bring it up, yeah, Kony 2012 is something I hope never gets repeated. Bring it on, 2020!

1. Twee Decorations

That weird moustache trend that was popular around 2013, you know when teenagers would have moustaches on the phone cases, as jewellery and what not. —linnnnnnnny

2. Families Exploiting Themselves On YouTube

Just all the family YouTube channels in general —Yeetmeisterz

3. Prank Shows

This isn’t a prank, it’s a “social experiment” wherein we’re going to see if people get mad when we walk up to them and punch them as hard as we can! —unnaturalorder

4. Influencers

Social media “influencers”—DeathSpiral321

5. Anti-Intellectualism

Anti-intellectualism – refusing to believe experts in their field over some crazy person on the internet. I think it got worse this decade and I hope we leave it here. —My_Name_Is_Not_Kathy

6. Misinformation Distribution

Social Media making everyone feel like they need to be heard. It’s one of the main reasons why stuff like anti-vaxxers, MLMs, Nazis, cancel culture, flat-earthers, etc. exists. Misinformation is just spread like a disease within echo chambers like that. —oooriole09

7. Makeup

Highly overdrawn lips and eyebrows- like, I can see where your real lip ended a half inch back! —M14535955

8. Remakes

Seemingly endless stream of movie remakes and sequels. (most poor) done mostly to make a quick easy buck off the name of the previous movie, and sadly most show a lack of creativity and original thinking. —AnnInnocentMan

9. “Challenges”

Anything that becomes a YouTube fad is apparently a challenge now, or people will just put “challenge” at the end of their video title. “SANDWICH CHALLENGE!!! CAN I SUCCESSFULLY EAT LUNCH????? (GONE SEXUAL)” —TheWholeSandwich

10. Millennial Criticism

“Millennials are killing the X industry”

Often while completely missing that most of the “millennials” they’re complaining about are years too young to be millennials, and that millennials aren’t a single hive mind where everyone thinks the same. —axw3555