baby yoda fancam, baby yoda moments

Good, Someone Made A Compilation Of All The Baby Yoda Moments In “The Mandalorian” So I Don’t Have To

Because the Internet is simply amazing sometimes, a Star Wars fan made a baby Yoda fancam — and it the most delightful thing we’ve ever seen. Essentially, it’s a bunch of shots of tiny baby Yoda sitting in a futuristic stroller-like contraption being a tiny baby Yoda, complete with huge floppy ears.

If you’re wondering what the hell a fancam is, it’s this: “Fancams are when a fan goes around stalking celebrities with cameras and film everything they do. Most likely to be bad quality but some really good fancams.” So, yes, please, let’s have more baby Yoda fancams. 

Look at this baby Yoda being the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. 

baby yoda fancam, baby yoda moments

It was a Twitter user, Kesha Debicki, who goes by the handle @jjaibrams, that created the incredible fancam.

It’s clear that Kesha is a massive Star Wars fan because she actually created a thesis around Star Wars. If you look through her entire Twitter, it’s basically just an altar to Star Wars.

Just look at that outfit:

The big love for baby Yoda got the Internet feeling good. Because we all need something in these dark days to keep us going:

Of course, plenty of people were worried that Disney was going to come and take the fancam down — because corporations are terrible.

Some people even made their own fancams, merging the K-Pop world and Yoda.

Baby Yoda for the win, folks. Disney can try to take it from us (like they did with this Yoda doll) all they want, but we’ll always have this:

baby yoda

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Baby Yoda grows up to be Yoda. In fact, The Mandalorian is set after the original Star Wars trilogy, meaning Baby Yoda cannot possibly “grow up” to be Yoda as we know him.

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