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Guy Gets Absolutely Roasted Online After Leaving A 1-Star Review Because HE Couldn’t Swim

Seems like being able to swim would be kind of important if you’re going on a snorkeling tour, right? Honestly, I can’t fathom being so full of myself to leave a review after I, my being and my person, was the problem at an establishment, but this guy is – well, off the deep end.

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He was aghast that he needed to know how to swim to participate in this tour and he was irate that the guide wouldn’t help him. How… why… Oh man.

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Let’s take a journey through how this all went down. First, we’re in Turtle Town! A Maui adventure that the dude must have decided was for him.

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Then we get to check out this guy’s review, which is scathing. He’s so mad! He had to sit on a beach in paradise for one whole hour!

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So the tour operator replied.

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Let’s do just that and check out the about section of the experience.

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Reddit was also ready to roast this asshole.

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And others made jokes.

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Chef’s Kiss here…

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Ahh, people.

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