A Girl Stuck A Cheez-It On The Wall To See How Long It Took Her Dad To Notice And The Prank Lasted Four Years

There are all sorts of dads, but an unfortunate Dad Stereotype that often proves true is that they’re not terribly engaged with the household. Maybe they’ll fix something if it’s broken or move something if it’s directly in their way, but the aesthetic details of the home is not their specialty. It’s sad that powers of observation about decor tend to be so gendered in heterosexual unions, but here we are. It’s 2019 and dads still don’t care what’s hanging on the walls. Cheez-it girl is here to bring awareness to this problem.

A Twitter user named @_sarasmithhh (who I’m guessing is named Sara Smith) posted a tweet in November 2015, saying she was copying a girl who stuck a chip on the wall. That girl claimed her dad didn’t notice the chip for weeks. Smith wanted to see if her dad would be equally oblivious to a Cheez-It.

For a few days, Smith carefully documented the Cheez-It’s progression. It stayed stuck to the wall and her dad didn’t make a peep about it. Weeks passed. then months. At one point her dad put a bookshelf in front of the Cheez-It and that was big. But she moved the Cheez-It to continue the experiment. 


It went on so long, it began to seem pointless.

In January of 2018, Smith decided the Cheez-It was there for good, and eternal part of the decor:

And then one day, after years of investment, her brother-in-law blew the whole experiment:


Basically, the Cheez-It needed to be regularly replaced. While Smith claims it never rot, it would dry out and crumble. On a day when it disappeared, her brother-in-law saw it missing and said to Smith’s dad “oh you found the Cheez-It” or something stupid like that. 1,410 days right down the drain.

Everyone is pretty frustrated with Mr. Brother-in-law at the moment, as you can imagine:

I want to know how the dad reacted when he found out about how he’d been a guinea pig for four years. I bet he went “huh” and then wandered away to do dad stuff. Dads.

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