“Bachelor” Superfan Figures Out Who Won Colton Underwood’s Season Via Venmo Sleuthing

The New York Times better be knocking down this woman’s door after she discovered the Bachelor winner through some impressive investigative skills. On Dec. 28, Twitter user @clur19 admitted she stalked a Bachelor contestant’s Venmo friends and discovered Colton would go on to be the winner.

Before we get into the responses, let’s just pause to talk about how stalking people on Venmo has become A Thing. On the surface, it seems odd: scrolling through transactions for food, concerts, rent, etc. But take a closer look and you get a glimpse Instagram could never give.

Venmo transactions reveal how much people are spending, who they’re spending it with and who pays for what within relationships. And that’s exactly how Clare put the pieces together.

The tweet even caught the attention of Colton Underwood, the Bachelor himself.

Twitter users started sharing their own stalking stories and it was the gift that kept on giving this holiday season.

Some of them weren’t the super sleuth Clare was, but we love them for it anyway.

And some were just brilliant.

Someone even shared their own Bachelor stalking story.

And infamous Netflix show You even chimed in on Clare’s stalking mastery.

ABC, your move.

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