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“Costco Ken” Screams “I Feel Threatened” After Elderly Woman Asked Him To Wear A Mask

You hate to see it. Another fragile soul being asked to wear a mask—and having a meltdown instead of just being a good member of the community. This time, the meltdown happened in a Fort Myers Costco and it was a white man instead of a white woman having the hissy fit. He is being called “Costco Ken” and had to be escorted off the premises and then monitored until he left. 

Video of the incident went viral, with folks on social media being shocked that this man yelled at an elderly woman and the man who defended her. 

“You’re harassing me. I feel threatened,” the man screamed puffing out his chest and stomping toward another man who had reportedly come to defend the elderly woman. “Back off! Threaten me again. Back the f**k up put your f**king phone down,” you can hear him saying. 

The man was wearing a red T-shirt that read “Running The World Since 1776.” Gather what you may from that outfit choice. 

Other users commented on the man’s behavior and his language.  

Folks are also calling on stores like Costco to implement new rules for shoppers so people can feel safe when they are shopping. 

Just wear your mask, okay?

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