Danish Supermarket Figures Out How To Stop People From Hoarding Hand Sanitizer

Hoarding supplies has become a major problem across the world as people self-isolate in their homes to wait out the worst of the coronavirus outbreak. Toilet paper has been a hot ticket item, as has hand sanitizer, with many stores selling out their inventory at a much quicker rate than they can replace it.

It’s been a frustrating experience for people who just want enough to get by, while others take as much as they can.

But one store in Denmark came up with a clever solution to this hoarding problem.

“A supermarket in Denmark got tired of people hoarding hand sanitzer, so came up with their own way of stopping it,” reads a tweet from @_schuermann.

A sign in Danish detailed that they are now selling a single bottle of sanitizing spray for 40 krones (around $5.75), but if a person wants more than one, the price becomes 1000 krones per bottle (around $144.50).

People on Twitter thought this was a brilliant strategy.

Though some weren’t as easily convinced.

But, points were made.

Other stores may be totally sold out, but this market’s stock lasted long enough to at least snap a picture.

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