35 Of The Most Deeply Satisfying Photos Of 2018

They tell you to appreciate the little things in life. Well, my friends, if this ain’t the epitome of little things, I don’t know what is.

It is a simple list, featuring 35 of the most beautiful, deeply satisfying photos and videos your eyeballs will ever see. It’ll remind you that the world is special and beautiful, even if it didn’t exactly feel like it in 2018. Without further ado…

1. This tree’s perfect fall gradient:

2. This perfectly round stone:

3. These honestly gorgeous pancakes:

4. This geometric rhubarb pie:

5. This sunset’s beautiful color spectrum:

6. This seriously rad watermelon jelly:

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7. The way this cheese is melted onto this burger:

8. This opal, that looks like a sunset in the clouds:

9. The bubbles in this bottle:

10. This dough, cut into super even chunks:

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