Sometimes, The Detective Pikachu Plush Toy You Ordered Comes In Vacuum Packaging

Detective Pikachu weirded us all out with Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular Pikachu, in his signature laid-back drawl. If it felt totally wrong to hear Pikachu with a grown man’s voice, get ready to take another trip down the uncanny valley. One Twitter user experienced a Detective Pikachu plush toy fail when her little guy arrived in vacuum-sealed packaging, distorting the tiny electric hero into a bloated monstrosity. Sorry in advance for the nightmares.


Illustrator Betsy Bauer shared an image of her Pikachu stuffed toy, vacuum-sealed into oblivion. “So, I ordered a Detective Pikachu plush for my desk at work,” she wrote, “and I have to say, this is not how I expected him to be packaged.”

We didn’t either, Betsy. The hat is smushed against its face. With its button eyes and red cheeks pressed so far apart, it looks like it was run over by a truck in a Looney Tunes cartoon. 

At her office, Bauer posted a video of the unboxing — or rather the unflattening. She twisted off the air stop cap and opened the bag. The Detective Pikachu plush toy fail required kneading to get the little guy to look normal. “He’s not as fluffy as yours,” Bauer said to a coworker off-camera.

Another coworker tried to be realistic about the situation, replying with “It’s going to be a process.” Bauer then put her toy next to her coworker’s same toy for comparison, and the Detective Pikachu plush toy fail seems permanent.

“He looks derpier than yours,” she said, “because his face was all squished.” Fifteen minutes after being released from Ziploc hell, Pikachu still bore the scars of his torture.

Pokéman fans and creeped-out Twitter users alike noted the weirdness of the packaging, with many questioning why the Detective Pikachu plush toy wasn’t just packed in a box like most shipments.

Some shared their own vacuum-sealing horrors, others shared squished Pikachu fan art.

One user even compared it to a Kraft American cheese single, which we now can never unsee.