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Woman Asks Internet For Advice When Guy Puts His “Stinky Feet” On Her Airplane Armrest

Airline travel is, in many ways, the worst.  There’s the waiting, the body scans, the rough approximation of food, and the waiting again. And as if spending 2 to 20 hours in a metal tube, hurtling through the air thousands of feet above the Earth with a collection of strangers weren’t stressful enough, airlines continue to make seats smaller and more uncomfortable to save money, meaning that those stressed-out passengers are being squeezed ever more tightly together. There’s bound to be some friction and there are bound to be some odors. Such was a case recently when a journalist named Lisa Guerrero found the “stinky” sock-clad feet of the passenger behind her invading her air space on a flight from Nashville. 

Guerrero reached out to the internet for help, asking what she should do.

The reactions to Guerrero’s photo were as strong as the smell of those rogue feet.

Some people thought she should tattle on the foot-thruster to a flight attendant.

Many advocated violence.

There were some fun and instructive photoshops.

As well as some more creative solutions. (Including germ warfare.)

Most simply advised her to address the stinky situation head-on. 

It wasn’t clear at first what action Guerrero would take, she thanked Twitter for keeping her entertained during this difficult and malodorous time.

But then she issued an update to the legions of offended fliers following along at home. Success! And the sweet smell of victory.

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