Twitter Is Playing One Big Game Of “Never Have I Ever”

We all remember playing Never Have I Ever. It’s the game where you learn too much about your friends. Or, if you were the late bloomer (like this author), it was the game where everyone learns how uncool you are. Either way, you learn more than you’d like the people you’re with. And that’s why we love it.

The game has moved from your best friend’s basement to Twitter, and people are having a blast with this nostalgia reboot.

The latest meme is a picture with a list of 20 items. You give yourself a point for each thing you haven’t done. (It’s important that everyone knows that, as an adult, this author has done 15 out of the 20 items listed, thank you very much.) And oh boy, the responses are great.

Some people surprised themselves with their numbers.

Some were pleased.

Some were disappointed.

Other people didn’t know what to make of their results… or the game itself.

And even more needed a moment to think about their lives.

But we have to applaud this Twitter user, who left us all with some valuable wisdom.

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