Dudes Try To Shame OnlyFans Creator, End Up Tripling Her Income

OnlyFans is a London-based content subscription service that has become extremely popular with sex workers since it was introduced in 2016. The gist is people can pay to subscribe to a person’s content and has been an efficient way for sex workers to grow their clientele by producing members-only content. Creators receive 80 percent of the membership fees and there is also an option to tip. The format gained popularity with sex workers quickly, as it gives them control of what they offer and allows them to create content on their own terms.

Since its launch, the app has gained nearly a half million creators and paid them $725 million and saw a huge increase in March and April, when COVID-19 layoffs sent people to OnlyFans as an alternate way to make money.

One of those OnlyFans creators is Sofie Halili, who joined the platform to make money for gender-affirmation surgery.

A few weeks ago, Halili posted a tweet that made some guys feel… um, insecure.

One of those men thought it would be a good idea to try to shame Halili for how she earns money.

The post ended up going viral and getting reposted on social media sites outside of Twitter. Well, joke’s on this guy because it ended up benefitting Helili in the long run.

Thanks to the memes, Halili’s OnlyFans account has only grown in subscriptions. She says her income this month is triple the previous month’s.

She is also now in the top 0.57 percent of OnlyFans creators.

And to those who tried to bring her down, she says:

“I wonder how many people who mocked me publicly also subscribed to me privately.”

Damn, girl.

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