Reporter Accidentally Turns On Ridiculous Facebook Face Filters During Live Broadcast

Reporter Justin Hinton for WLOS 13 has become a viral hit after giving a very serious report on weather and road conditions in North Carolina last Thursday with some very ridiculous filters on his face. The report was broadcast from the side of the road as a Facebook Live, and someone accidentally turned on the goofiest filters which ended up switching in and out and Hinton talked snowfall.

WLOS has left the Facebook Live video up and it has garnered many views there and across the internet as people get a kick out of Hinton. Towards the end of the broadcast, Hinton’s voice can be heard as he responds to comments on Facebook about his face, not understanding what happened. You can hear him insisting he didn’t do it on purpose. I believe him, because it wouldn’t be nearly as hilarious if he seemed even remotely aware of what was happening.

In less than a minute, Hinton covered a number of different identities.

Olympic Gold Medalist:

Star Wars Guy:


Spooky Story Teller:

A Gandalf:

Googly-Eye Dude:

Weight Lifter:

One Of The Blues Brothers:

A Man With a Mustache (which is an identity):

Despite the serious tone of his reporting, Hinton seems to be getting a kick out of his viral fame. A lot of his fellow reporters are finding the situation pretty hilarious, too. he has been sharing and retweeting all the instances where his googly-eyes get shout outs, including from Gayle King on her talk show.

But he also pinned this tweet showing his actual work as a reporter:

Hey, the man is here to deliver the news, not to amuse us. I respect that!

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