‘Thirsty’ Woman Busted Taking A Pic Of Shirtless Tennis Player Becomes Internet’s Hero And Enemy

This story is sort of a Rorschach test for how you see objectifying men: a fun thing to do that they deserve after millennia of it going the opposite direction or a crime against human dignity?

Personally, I can see both sides… but I’d mostly like to see tennis player Feliciano Lopez’s front, just like this thirsty-ass woman who is currently going viral for sneaking a pic of him with his top off.

The woman was filmed at the 2019 U.S. Open. Unbeknownst to her, she was captured taking the picture unbeknownst to Lopez. Even if you hate what she’s doing, it’s a pretty funny moment, because you can see the whole chain of events unfold. Shirt off, wide grin on her face, iPhone comes out, and then she admires her work:


There are a lot of opportunities to see this guy’s shirtless body online because he is certainly not shy about his incredible physique. I mean, who would be when you look like this:


That hasn’t stopped some people (men) from being upset by this violation of Lopez’s privacy at the U.S. Open. Quite a few took to Twitter to condemn her behavior in the strongest terms:

That is an interesting question. Would there have been a huge fuss if a man did this exact thing? Well, there were some thoughts on the subject in the responses:

Creepshots are not a classy thing to do, by any means, but in this instance it seems fairly harmless. Except for the blonde woman—people are gonna figure out who she is eventually. Look out, thirsty lady! The Internet is coming for you.