5 People Who Had A Worse Week Than You

Bad week, isn’t it? There’s a virus taking over the country that has no vaccine, efforts to stop it are being hamstrung by a corrupt and inept government, and a huge number of people have lost their jobs and are unsure what will be happening to them in the coming months. On top of that, we can’t even really leave our homes to blow off steam.

There are still some people who are having an even worse week than the common person out there in the world. Well, not really, but they are making a spectacle of themselves when they should be lying low in quarantine keeping their mouths shut. Here are five people who have made the distinction of being the worst during this epidemic. So far.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens made the ill-advised choice to stream live during a pandemic while under the influence of something…like narcissism. Hudgens decided to share her opinion on the spread of COVID-19, which was that death was inevitable for some people. The implication seemed to be that it didn’t include her. A lot of people defended Hudgens, saying she was young and made a mistake, even though she’s 31.  At least she did seem to hear the criticism, and offered an apology:

But Hudgens will likely never recover her reputation as the girl who was in that one movie that one time again.

2. Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends

Gal Gadot has an impressive list of celebrity numbers in her contacts and a lot of them seem to really want to please her. That’s the only way to explain this shockingly tone-deaf acapella rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” in which famous person after famous person warbles a line from their palatial mansion. The empty gesture was meant to send good vibes from the people who will immediately be offered a coronavirus test if they sneeze to the rest of us peasants. But it didn’t work out: the backlash was fierce.

Do Gal Gadot and her cronies know how much everyone hates them right now? Probably not—you have to be borderline delusional to put something like this online.

3. Marco Rubio

As a politician, Marco Rubio is a failure on a number of levels. He particularly failed this week while attempting to reassure people that declaring COVID-19 a national emergency wasn’t the first step towards martial law, meaning the military. He instead reassured everyone we wouldn’t have to worry about “Marshall law.” This did lead to some dunkings:

Let’s be fair. Maybe he was trying to create a loophole for when he rides an armored tank down the street in a few months.

“I said Marshall, not martial!” he’ll scream. “No backies!”

Too bad everyone absolutely noticed.

4. Ava Louise AKA the “TikTok Toilet Licking Girl”

TikTok star Ava Louise licked a toilet. The video was taken off TikTok, maybe because they were afraid she really would start a #coronaviruschallenge and a bunch of teens would end up in the hospital with E.Coli. We need the beds, don’t lick toilets, teens! It remains up on Twitter, however, where she seems to be delighted about it.

Not much more to say about that except Ava Louise wanted attention and she got it. So, maybe she’s actually having a great week?

5. Drunk Spring Breakers

Young people are often stupid, but this video of people at spring break in Miami circulated by CBS News is going to be a perfect artifact of young people’s stupidity during this time in a year or so. Not only are they determined to go out and risk getting the virus and transmitting it to who knows how many other people—they were willing to get interviewed about it on camera! They’re so stupid they don’t even know they shouldn’t be bragging about any of this.

Or maybe they’re just drunk. To be fair, aren’t most of us right now?

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