5 People Who Had a Worse Week Than You

How’s your week been? Did it suck? While I hope it didn’t, considering the state of “things” it probably did, let’s be honest. How about we forget our troubles for a few minutes and read about other people’s troubles. Here are five people having a worse week than you.

1. Diddy

Diddy is currently getting dragged for body-shaming after he invited two different women to join him on IG Live for Easter: Lizzo and Draya. At one point in her drop-in, Lizzo started twerking, and got scolded by Diddy for not being “family friendly.” She apologized and seemed embarrassed.

Not long after, Draya was online with Diddy when “Back That Azz Up” started playing. Naturally, she did. And Diddy didn’t say nothing. People knew what that meant:

Leave Lizzo alone, you creeps!

2. Bhad Bhabie


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The meme-turned-rapper Bhad Bhabie has recently received a lot of criticism for “blackfishing,” or darkening her skin to appear black. That’s on top of her general appropriation of black culture. She has always seemed immune to criticism, but for some reason Bhad Bhabie decided to respond to the negative attention with an Instagram Live. She proceeded to make things much worse.

“Y’all say that I try to be black, because I — maybe a reason of me trying to be black is that I grew up in the hood. Tarzan, right, he — the story of Tarzan.”

Oh no. No one was happy with this comparison, to say the least:

Babe. Just stop talking. You peaked as a GIF.

3. Darryl Hannah

Disney+ has taken over media and is hoarding all the best stuff on their streaming service. That means they also have classic Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah talent vehicle Splash, a story about a woman who turns into a mermaid when she touches water. Or maybe she’s a mermaid who turns into a human when she touches air?

Either way, Disney does not want anyone to think about Hannah’s bare butt touching air. Someone noticed that they’ve been covering it in their version with CGI hair, extending Hannah’s mane down her derriere:


Another reason to hang onto your DVDs. Free Darryl Hannah’s ass!

4. Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe was one of the many weirdos to populate the universe of Tiger King (and Tiger King memes). Since his tiger cub supply has been cut off, Lowe has been trying to make money by doing Cameos for $150 a pop. To increase business he did a Reddit AMA, and got dragged to hell by everyone who wants to understand his fashion choices:

Lowe hasn’t answered any of the many, many rude questions, but isn’t it satisfying to know he’s read them?

5. Dr. Oz

On Wednesday night, alternative medicine guru Dr. Oz was invited on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss the possibility of opening schools again during the pandemic. If you’re wondering, Dr. Oz is for it, and he justified his opinion by saying that it would only lead to a 2-3% mortality rate. Amongst children.

The GOP and their talking heads like to cite percentages as a way to obscure the true numbers, which would actually be millions. Millions of dead kids or teachers or administrators.

It’s been time to cancel Dr. Oz for a long time. He doesn’t care about health, only his wallet.

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