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People Are Sharing The Lockdown Purchases That Improved Their Life Unexpectedly (47 Tweets)

We’ve all been in quarantine for so long that most of us are sick of ourselves and whoever we’re living with. People are so bored they’re finding new hobbies to occupy themselves with (apparently, along with toilet paper, Clorox wipes, and Nintendo Switch consoles, bicycles have seen a huge boom in sales), and sometimes those hobbies aren’t even hobbies so much as creature comfort purchases.

Amazon sales have jumped during the pandemic because we’re all buying bread pans to make frog bread, and paintbrushes to make watercolor paintings, and weighted blankets to help with our anxiety about the state of the world. Lots and lots of weighted blankets, as quite a few of the replies to a recent question asked by The Black List founder Franklin Leonard noted. 

“Has anyone made any lockdown purchases that have radically improved your quality of life unexpectedly?” he asked.

Lots and lots of people, apparently. Seth Rogen bought a half-pound of weed.

lockdown purchases, best lockdown purchases, top lockdown purchases

Others purchased extra freezers, dogs, and furniture. Scroll down and see if you can find some inspiration in other people’s lockdown purchases.