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This Woman On Twitter Edits People’s Toxic Exes Out Of Photos For $15

We’ve all had terrible exes, right? They’re those toxic, manipulative, death-eaters who seem to steal our light and slowly hack away at our happiness. And if you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably have Facebook albums and Instagram pics galore—all ruined by the mere sight of them, standing there with their horrible, gross arm around your shoulder. *Shudder.*

Instead of chucking all the pics wherein you traveled across the world with them, or refusing to look at that one awesome photo of yourself (because they’re in it), just have Twitter’s resident good samaritan doctor those pics up for you!

Yep, one blessed Twitter user, @hexappeal, is getting in there and editing those scrubs out of your pics—for just $15 bucks a pop. 

It’s a steal, really, if you’ve got an amazing memory that you want to preserve without having to deal with the heeby-jeebies just by looking at it. Just look at this new, awesome photo. The dog is way, way cuter than the dude, right?

There’s obviously a lot of folks out there with lame-o exes (which makes us sad) because she had to up her price due to the demand for edits:

Yes, you could theoretically download an app and do it yourself, but why? She clearly knows what’s she doing and has the same vengeful distaste for crappy exes as we all do. 

And yes, this IS a very Scorpio (aka wonderfully vindictive) thing to do. 

The responses were pretty awesome, obviously.  

Lots of people were psyched that they finally got the photographic memory the deserve. 

But others were wondering if this offer was too damn good to be true. Nope, it wasn’t. It was real and wonderful. 

Seriously, lives were being changed on Twitter! Look at this Student of the Year story — soured by the presence of her ex in all her pics. 

And then boom — he was GONE. Another Twitter user got into those comments and did the deed.

People started asking the important questions, too, like can she edit cats into a photo? We all know the struggle is real getting cats to sit still for a pic.

Some people were kind of curious about the original photo, though—leaving them wondering about Toxic Ex’s phantom legs. (The truth is, we kind of can’t figure out where they are, either).

The mystery kept unraveling…

But @hexappeal user jumped in and asked everyone what the heck they were talking about—and she had a good point. Why would she take all that time to edit him in and then out?

The dude was really there, even if remnants of him remain. #Breakup. Whatever, it’s not supposed to be super professional. It’s supposed to get the loser OUT of your pic.

But more importantly, what is up with the dude’s 90s fourth-grade hairdo? 

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