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Dad Tweets About How “Smart” His Home-Schooled Kids Are, Insults Teachers, Then Gets Trolled

There’s pretty much one rule to keep in mind when raising kids: don’t compare them to other children because everyone develops at their own pace.

Of course, that can be difficult when you’re wracked with nerves about whether or not your child is hitting his milestones and faced with a glut of parents who think their child is extra special: “Susie knew all her colors at thirteen months,” “Mikey was walking waaaaay before everyone else,” “Lulu can read already, isn’t that wild?”

I’m guilty of this as well. It’s just part of being a parent.

But one Twitter user’s brag about his children’s precocious verbal abilities is going viral—and probably not for the reason he anticipated.

“My wife and I never baby talk to our kids. We use full sentences and a wide vocabulary including complex words. My son is 3 and can carry a full conversation. Adults at family gatherings are shocked at his social aptitude. My daughter isn’t even 2 and she uses 4-syllable words,” the post says.

Maybe he wanted some praise? Parenting is hard and language acquisition is exciting. I’ll always remember the first time my son said the “f” word! Whoops!

But no, it seems like he just wanted to take a dump on the public school system, its greedy teachers, and families that aren’t his own. Oh, and to advertise his book, which is called Slaying Your Fear: A Guide For People Who Grapple With Insecurity, features a knight slaying an amorphous black blob, and appears to be self-published.

But the sanctimonious tweet rubbed folks the wrong way—and started a very funny thread about all the ways people’s kids were gifted and talented.

Public school teachers also took issue because many are underpaid and under-appreciated for the incredibly difficult academic and emotional labor they do every day.

Celebrate your children’s accomplishments, but remember—they’re kids. Talk to them, babble with them, play peek-a-boo, and make funny faces. They deserve to be kids for as long as possible. They are not supposed to be a supply system for your ego.

And thank your local public school teachers!

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