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This Guy Is Running A Fake Dr. Fauci Account And It’s Attracting Real Idiots (10 Tweets)

Dr. Anthony Fauci started out as a guy who was just trying to stop us all from dying of a horrible virus by working with a  government that doesn’t seem to care if we do. Has he succeeded? Not really, because Donald Trump has been directing so much suspicion and backlash his way. Dr. Fauci was taken more seriously than the president when it came to public health, and no one was listening to Trump’s recommendation that we all inject bleach.

Because of all the misinformation and conspiracy theories peddled by conservative media on behalf of the president, Dr. Fauci has become a target for all sorts of wackjobs on the Internet who believe he is responsible for COVID-19 running rampant through the country. They should start by looking in the mirror and seeing how they’re not wearing a mask. Instead, they’re accusing Fauci of everything up to and including creating the virus in his own lab and then releasing it in China for…some reason? Maybe money? There must be easier ways for one guy to make cash than starting a pandemic. 

Most of us probably can’t conceive of all the garbage that Fauci goes through since agreeing to try and steer us away from the iceberg. But writer Matt Keohan is close.

He started a fake Twitter account with Dr. Fauci’s name on it for a bit, and he wrote on BroBible that at first it was mostly ignored:

Then, as Fauci’s profile rose, so did this absolutely fake-looking Twitter profile, and he started to attract all the haters:

Some people told off Dr. Fauci through Keohan’s profile, some accused him of crimes against humanity:

While these people have different issues with the doctor, they all have something in common. They’re stupid:

This is just a taste of all the garbage being directed this man’s way of trying to get people to wash their hands, and I’m going to be thinking about it all day. I can only hope the real Dr. Fauci has a highly paid social media manager so he doesn’t have to read his mentions. 

More real idiots: