This Adorable Couple Shared The Same Photo With Two Completely Different Captions And It’s Hilarious

Opposites attract.

Instagram user LillieDellaPenna and her girlfriend Maggie are a perfect example of this.

While adorable together, the two lovebirds clearly have different tastes in humor.

Lillie shared on Twitter that both she and her girlfriend posted identical photos to their Instagram profiles, but with two wildly different captions.

Lillie, the obvious romantic in the relationship shared a sweet, heartfelt caption:

While Maggie, the “fun one” in the relationship, well…

A deep dive of Maggie’s feed reveals that it’s not the first time she’s come up with genius captions for their “couple pics.” Like this…

Twitter, of course, was dying.

Aww. Congrats you two. Carry on.