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Guy On Twitter Gets Tricked Into Giving His Baby A Raunchy Name

When things go viral on Twitter, there’s always someone in the comments screaming, “This is fake!” In this case, I am the one screaming, “Please let this be fake!”

Why? Because it’s the story of some newborn child having his life ruined by the Internet before he is even big enough to open his eyes. Someone with the Twitter handle @endeylol shared two screenshots of a conversation with someone allegedly named Greg Ingof. Once again, this could all be fake (please, God!), but if not, Mr. Ingof is the most gullible and innocent idiot to ever sign up for a Twitter account.

In his first tweet, Ingof writes, “Me and my wife are expecting our firstborn child in 2 months and still don’t have a name LOL!”

To which the monster @endeylol responds, “You should name him Jack.” You see where this is going.

The guileless Ingof replies, “We are hoping for a girl but if we have a boy that would be a strong contender for his name!”

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Jack. Ingof. Jack. Ingof. Jack Ingof. JackIngof. Say it real fast. What do you hear?

The second screenshot shows Ingof introducing his firstborn child with his poor wife Hila, born at 1:35am on 12/12/19. Named Jack Ingof. Welcome to the world, and your first troll, little one.

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To support the idea that this is fake, @endeylol shared yet another screenshot, in which Ingof seems to come to the realization that he has been owned on Twitter for Internet points:

But a few people have responded that this screenshot is definitely fake, which sort of implies that the previous ones are not. Which is tragic.

If you still don’t get what a horrible joke this is on somebody, here it is:

If only everything on the Internet really was fake.

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