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Kim Kardashian Dragged For Showing Off Her Expensive Horses On Twitter

I’m a horse girl. No shame. I rode as a kid, and whenever I take a trip I try and find a stable nearby. I didn’t have my own horse, but I did spend tons of time with the horses at my stable—mucking stalls, picking hooves, brushing manes, cleaning tack. The horses we had were all sorts of goofy and wonderful—but they’re nothing like Kim Kardashian’s Friesians. 

Friesians are expensive and gorgeous. According to some blogs, a Friesian stallion can cost up to $600,000. Did you know that a Friesian is officially the world’s most handsome horse? His name is Frederik the Great, and he lives on a farm in Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains. Anyway…

Kim Kardashian posted a bunch of pics from daughter North West’s 7th birthday, which they had at their ranch in Wyoming. She also included some random information about the family’s horses, including that they have 14 Friesians. She also spelled Friesian wrong. 

Can I please just brush his beautiful hair? 

With crushing unemployment and things involving money that Kim and her family don’t have to worry about, folks on social media were a little salty about Kardashian’s many fancy, expensive horses. 


Also, because I love horses, meet Red Cloud. 

Kardashian hasn’t said anything in response, but when you’re surrounded by 14 Friesians, why would you even be online?

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Patricia Grisafi

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