14 Entitled Jackasses Who Don’t Seem To Understand That Things Cost Money

One of the worst types of people is someone who expects everything for free, but even worse than that is someone who wants something for free and is picky about it. This is a choosy beggar.

Most of us have been desperate enough at some point in our lives to beg for something, but to then nitpick about said thing is unacceptable. It takes a special type of narcissist to do this, and these 17 people are at the top of the charts.

1. This master of grammar and tact.

2. This guy who expects art for the “honor” of it.

3. This musician who takes himself too seriously. 

4. This influencer.

5. This POS employer.

6. This future YouTube star.


7. This dog groomer who has had enough. 

8. This parent backing out on a deal. THERE’S EVEN PROOF.

9. This guy with a BUG TIME idea.

10. This guy offering stock options for a business that doesn’t exist yet.

11. This reality famous ding-dong.

12. This outstandingly ridiculous request. 

13. Ugh, another influencer.


14. Ugh. More influencers. Can they go away already?

More infuriating cheapskates: