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Keanu Reeves Learning To Ride A Horse Is So Pure

Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities. Not only is he a pretty solid actor, he just seems like a genuinely good guy. The stories about Keanu being awesome never end, which makes it impossible not to love him. And just when you thought he couldn’t get any more precious, a video of Keanu Reeves learning to do stunts on a horse surfaces online and you realize how wrong you were. 

First, a little background: if you still haven’t seen the latest John Wick movie, you may not know that one of the biggest and best action scenes in the whole thing features Reeves riding a horse through New York City to fight off a group of bad guys with swords on motorcycles. The whole thing is ridiculously brilliant, and what makes it even better is that he did a lot of the stunts himself. 

Of course, performing movie stunts, especially on the back of an animal, takes a lot of training. That’s where this video comes from—90 seconds of Reeves working on his horse-riding skills and having a grand old time doing it. You can tell he genuinely loves what he’s doing and the pure joy on his face is just priceless. 

If Reeves being himself wasn’t enough to make you love this clip, there’s also the fact that he’s actually really good on horseback—it’s really impressive. As the trainer remarks in the video, “The thing I like about him is that he has a lot of respect for the animals. He learned all the different horses.”

OF COURSE HE DID! He’s Keanu Reeves and he’s a precious creature who’s too good for this world. Given the current state of things out there, we need him to keep being amazing to distract us from all the bad stuff. 

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