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This Guy Proposing To A Woman Immediately After Childbirth Sparks Debate

People who fantasize about getting married usually have a fantasy about the moment of their engagement, too. It might seem silly to more casual folks, but many men and women want a moment of deep significance, excellent photos, and to be looking and feeling their best. This recent viral proposal has only one of those elements, and it’s causing some controversy on Twitter.

The video clip was shared at first by @aey_dear, who wrote in the replies that they found it in their “statuses,” so no, they’re neither the mother nor the future groom in the video. They did seem to like what they saw, captioning it, “This is beautiful.”

It’s actually not that uncommon to propose to someone as they’re holding a newborn baby they just spent hours, perhaps days, delivering. I discovered that when I tried to Google this woman and whatever is happening in the video for some more background info. There are LOTS of videos of men proposing to women holding a new infant, sometimes after they’ve had time to get clean up, sometimes not.

For some reason, people seem to be fed up with the trend:

Maybe it’s because the new mother is so obviously emotionally overwhelmed in the clip. She seems happy to be engaged, kinda. She also just seems tired and like she’s had enough of this whole day. Let the lady sleep!

It might also be the way the baby is sort of dipped in and out of the frame, reminding viewers that this day was already extremely special. So, yes, the groom did manage to propose during a moment of deep significance, but is it really the right one? A lot of people felt like turning it into their engagement anniversary was disrespectful to the momentous occasion of having a whole baby and becoming a mother:

And some just joked that he was waiting to see how the baby turned out before popping the question:

You have to assume that a couple having a baby and getting married know enough about each other to make good decisions around a moment like this. It’s possible this woman will treasure the video and the memory of this proposal forever. It’s also possible she wishes she’d been able to put on some lipstick or drink champagne at the moment of her engagement instead, or at the very least, concentrate on the wonder of having just had a baby. Make sure to ask your own partner before something like this happens and it’s too late to know.

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