Treat Yourself To A Wholesome, Morbidly Hilarious Love Story Via This Viral Twitter Thread (13 Tweets)

Think you have a good story when people ask you how you and your significant other met? Well, you don’t.

At least not compared to how Twitter user @sixthformpoet met his wife.

To be honest, we don’t know much more about this story that isn’t covered in the tweets themselves (we reached to @sixthformpoet, but have not heard back.)

All we know is the saga starts off sad (with his father’s death) and then twists so many damn times you’d think it was an M. Night Shmaylan movie.

Then it ends up being the meet-cute story of the year. BUT NOT BEFORE @sixthformpoet IS CONNECTED WITH A MURDER.


See, I told you your own love story isn’t as good!

Naturally, Twitter was overwhelmed with the weird wholesomeness of it all:


Love truly does happen when you’re least expecting it.

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