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Twitter Is Debating Which Fruit Of The Loom Logo Is Right, After Man Points Out You’re Probably Remembering It Wrong

If you’re not familiar with the Mandela Effect, it’s basically when your brain creates false memories, making you think you’ve seen, heard, or known certain things that are in fact completely untrue. Remember thinking the Berenstain Bears were actually the Berenstein Bears? That’s the Mandela Effect. How about spelling Looney Tunes as Looney Toons? You get the picture. The Mandela Effect is named for the false memory some people share of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, when in reality he died in 2013.

Twitter user @NickHintonn gave us another crazy example of the Mandela Effect last Friday when he pointed out that the Fruit of the Loom logo, which features various fruits in front of a bit of green foliage, definitely doesn’t have a cornucopia, despite people very much believing it did. 

“The Fruit of the Loom logo has never had a cornucopia in the background!! This is another mind-bending Mandela Effect. The ‘real’ logo just doesn’t feel right to me,” he wrote. 

Hinton decided to dig a little deeper, unearthing a history of the Fruit of the Loom logo dating all the way back to 1893. No incarnation of the brand’s logo ever included a cornucopia, so everything we’ve ever known is a lie. That, or we’ve been transported from another dimension in which the cornucopia was indeed present. 

Hinton even found a newspaper reference to a version of the logo with a cornucopia and an apple (the existence of which can’t be proven), leading him to question whether it might be “residue from the other timeline.”

It wasn’t long before the responses started rolling in, with basically everyone admitting that their minds have been blown by realizing they’d been imagining the Fruit of the Loom logo wrong basically their entire lives. 

“This is the first Mandela Effect to get me. WTF?” one user wrote

Another added in frustration, “Ugh, why do you do this to me Twitter?” 

After reading this, one thing’s for sure: you can’t trust your brain to tell you the truth. What the hell?! 

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