Sorry, But Now Is Just Not The Time For This Level Of Weird (23 Pics)

It’s a weird time to be alive. In just the last few years, we’ve lived through a pandemic, it’s getting hotter, and the government confirmed UFOs are real. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, these pics entered my life.

Now is not the time for this level of weirdness.

1. “Actual Pastafarian at Santa Monica (California) DMV.”

2. “Invitation to a prom”

3. “W T F?”

4. “Something’s wrong with my ceiling”

5. “Flooding recently uncovered three tombstones in my backyard..”

6. “……”

7. “Cleaned out an old storage unit today and found this…Does anyone know what it is?”

8. “Got home and found random blood splotches on my door.”

9. “When you see something like this, don’t be afraid, don’t call the firefighters or the police, don’t move and don’t kill them.”

10. “I found this lady on FB who had several zombie children dolls to which she claimed to be married. Her profile disappeared sometime shortly after I shared it on my page.”

11. “I saw a post here and realize i was living with a metal scrap in my eye at least two years”

12. “Large, pump-handle shampoo bottle … in a pelvic x-ray.”

13. “Something about this just doesn’t seem right.”

14. “apparently butterflies really like horse crap.”

15. “This freaky thing showed up as a visitor on my Google nest today”


17. “this fungus”

18. “Imagine what’s inside this hole.”

19. “I can bend my arms like this. Everyone I’ve met thinks this is really weird but it’s just kind of normal to me lol”

20. “the size of the hole that a needle/syringe leaves in your skin as seen under a microscope”

21. “Found in a Goodwill”

22. “What would you do?”

23. “I have no words …..”