25 Times People Asked The Internet To Identify Something Really Odd And The Internet Delivered

Every now and then, when cleaning out an old storage unit or traveling to a new place, we come across something unknown—a weird object we can’t identify. Maybe it’s one of grandma’s antiques or perhaps it looks to be something much more dangerous.

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century and we have the ability to turn to the internet with our questions. At least, that’s what these people did when they came upon some truly weird objects and, for better or for worse, the internet really delivered.


I found this thing in my food. It was just stuck to a piece of meat; it wasn’t lodged into it or anything. Anyone know what it is?

Reddit: iamfase

Answer: Cattle/pig microchip for meat traceability.

2. What is the point of such a device?


Reddit: SkorGaming

Answer: USB charging condom. This way you can plug your phone into a random USB port and be sure that no data is exchanged. Only the power pins are passed through to the phone. Also called a sync stop.

3. Found a rock on the porch of my new home, flipped it over and saw this. Is that a fossil?

Reddit: livefast_dieawesome

Answer: Yup, that’s a fossil. Tree trunk impression.

4. Found this white fuzzy thing in my basement, mother freaked out. Someone, please tell me what the heck it is.

Reddit: iDrinkOxygen

Answer: Spiders infected with fungus look like this.

5. What is this spiky tool for?

Reddit: atomicdragon136

Answer: Angel food cake breaker.

6. I found this little guy under a stair in a parking garage at the mall. The clothing is made out of thread and his hair is made by what seems like glue dipped into dirt?


Reddit: Zbunny666

Answer: It is a worry doll. You tell your worries to it, and put it under your pillow at night. It’s supposed to take away your worries while you’re sleeping.

7. Found this in house I’m tearing apart in a book like someone wanted to keep them don’t think it’s real money…


Reddit: zangoku

Answer: Its money from the Philippines when it was occupied by Japan in 1941.

8. Anyone know what those round impressions are called, and what are they for?

Reddit: csaduck

Answer: Old windows were made of glass spun out into flatness. That’s the center of the spin.

New windows are made of glass floated on a pool of molten tin, which makes very flat panes without any annoying bullseyes.

9. Grandmother received this from her friend after his death. Nobody at the senior’s center she lives at knows what it is.

What is this Thing?

Reddit: wetbutter

Answer: Opium pipe.