People Are Finding Out Their Dogs Howl Along With The “Law & Order” Theme Song

Being home all the time, crammed together in limited space, has made us realize things about our families and loved ones that we never realized before. From annoying habits to…well, more annoying habits, the whole isolation experience has just been an outpouring of knowledge we really never needed.

On a more positive note, it’s also given us an unprecedented look into the habits of our pets—and our neighbors’ pets. For instance, I am now intimately acquainted with exactly which point in my downstairs neighbor’s work-in-progress rendition of “The Story” by Brandi Carlile sets her dog off howling, and in exactly which order all the other dogs in the building will then gradually join in.

And other dogs are turning out to be equally discerning, showing their humans that there are certain music cues that really get them going.

One common thread that seems to motivate the howling of pups everywhere? The Law & Order theme song.

At the start of isolation, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update writer Peter Schultz shared a video of his dog.

“This is as good a time as any to tell you that my dog sings along to the Law & Order theme song every time he hears it,” he wrote.

Sure enough, the video shows Odafin, who holds the same name as Ice-T’s Law & Order: SVU character, immediately perk up from a nap as soon as the all-too-familiar theme song starts playing. By 15 seconds in, he’s howling along with all the languid enthusiasm of a liberal arts student at a folk rock concert.

But the best part is, this definitely wasn’t an isolated incident for Odafin.

“These take up most of the memory on my phone,” Schultz admitted.

His girlfriend also created an Instagram for the justice-minded dog, containing more videos of the phenomenon.

And it turns out Odafin isn’t the only dog who responds to versions of the legendary tune.

Other people isolating with dogs were quick to respond with videos of their own pets enjoying Dick Wolf’s legacy.

And some folks shared the other familiar songs that trigger their dogs’ musical instincts.

All of these videos are making isolation a much more bearable place.

And hey, maybe there’s room for these brilliant doggos on Law & Order.

The SVU showrunner weighed in on the case.

More dogs doing the darndest things: