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Woman’s Sister Feeds Dog Taco Bell And Is Shocked When The Dog Craps All Over Her Gucci Sweater

Any responsible dog owner knows there are just some foods you should not give your dog. Guess what? Taco Bell is one of them.

Not only does Taco Bell potentially contain food items that are dangerous for dogs, like onions, but the spices can also be really rough on a doggo’s stomach.

Yes, dogs do sometimes pick up crap on the street—I have definitely struggled with my dogs to get a sidewalk chicken wing out of their mouths—but purposely feeding your dog something like Taco Bell is setting them up for some explosive stomach troubles.

One Redditor had this problem—except it was her sister who fed the OP’s dog Taco Bell while watching him.


Then, when the poor dog had diarrhea all over the sister’s car and expensive clothing, the sister demanded that the OP pay for everything. 

“My sister and her children really like my dog, so much so that they always ask me when I’m leaving so they can watch him. I left the city for a few days and they watched him. It was the first time they had him overnight. On the last day, as I was coming home and they were driving to my house to drop him off he shat in the car and all over my sister. There was diarrhea on the windshield and dashboard and steering wheel as well as my sisters chest,” 

Poor pupper! 

“She shows up to my place, I just arrived home, and she was pissed saying im a serious a**hole for not ‘properly potty training’ the dog and that I need to buy her a new Gucci sweater (she spent like a 1000 dollars on it) and pay for the car cleaning,” the OP writes.

The OP asked her sister if she fed the dog his proper food, and the sister said yes—and that she also gave him Taco Bell.

You DO NOT give your dog Taco Bell. It will not end well. 

“I told my sister she’s a f***ing dumbass and I’m not paying for the damage, its her fault for feeding the dog the Taco Bell burrito,” the OP said. “My sister is pissed and she’s b****ing about it to our parents and other family members saying I ruined her 1000 dollar Gucci sweater and her car, and I’m a selfish brat who wont pay her back. She posted this on facebook too, so I responded back to her post giving the whole story, that they fed my dog a Taco Bell burrito and it’s entirely their fault. She deleted the post after people were making fun of her. I am absolutely sure I’m not the a**hole but with a dozen family and friends telling me otherwise, I want a sanity check and the internets opinion, I sent my family a link so I hope she realizes she’s a jackass.” 

Again, if you’re going to give a dog Taco Bell, you have to expect that something bad is going to happen. Dogs can eat a lot of crap, but a spicy burrito will wreck their tummies. 

So, is the OP the a**hole here? Or is her sister completely bonkers? 

“She is endangering your dog’s health. You shouldn’t pay her any money. You also shouldn’t let her watch your dog again,” advised AngelOfDreams7

“Taco Bell is not dog food! It can contain spices and other ingredients that could seriously sicken or harm a dog! You do not owe your sister money because she got shat on after potentially endangering your pet. The only way you could be an AH in this situation is if you let her watch your dog after this,” said fading__blue

“Even without the Taco Bell factored in, it still wouldn’t be OPs obligation to pay for the damages to the car. OPs sister specifically requested to watch the dog while OP was gone. This wasn’t some unfair burden placed on the sister. Dogs are animals. They shit. This was the risk she assumed by taking the dog in her car,” said Therapizemecaptain

“NTA – She poisoned your dog and is now blaming you for the discomfort she caused your dog… this is insane. Never let her care for your dog again. Poor pup…also who pays $1k for a sweater?! That’s a whole other issue lol,” said LizzyrdCE

“She fed your dog Taco Bell??? That’s super dangerous for the dog and stupid of her! Of course he had a major accident all over the car. Serves her right for basically poisoning the dog. Don’t pay for her ruined things. Taco bell aside, if I am dog sitting and get peed on or something, I don’t demand the owner pay me for my ruined shirt. I knew the risk of destruction when a dog is temporarily my responsibility. Dogs are dogs. They’re messy. Don’t wear expensive clothes around dogs if you don’t want to take the risk. I hope you never letter her take your dog again. Gosh,” said batsandrobins

Please, do not feed your dog Taco Bell. EVER! 

Lead image: Pixabay

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